We can give more information about orders and deadlines at the following contact possibilities: Our mobile is: +36 30/9457-554, the Telefax is: +36 46/371-240 or send us an email to hidrofly@t-online.hu. In case of ordering one piece of ship (kenu, kayak, boat) our deadline is between 1 and 3 weeks. In case of bigger number of order, arranging agreements is necessary.

Payment is possible when taking over the ship or with 8 day bank transfer. Deposit: approximately 20 % of the price of the product. We can deliver the ordered product. In case of ordering paddle boat, we can transport maximum 4 pieces at once.

    Varga Zoltán


    3535 Miskolc, Kiss Ernő u. 17 (Hungary)

    Sybill Bt.

    Factory: 3535 Miskolc, Béke út 10. (Hungary)

    E-mail: hydrofly@t-online.hu

    Tel.: +36 30 945 7554

    Fax.: +36 46 371 240